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We are based in Sutomore, a small town in Montenegro, which lies immediately off the coast of the Adriatic sea. A professional approach to dog breeding is something that has characterized our work from the outset. We do our utmost to breed dogs which meet the highest standards both as far as health and breed type are concerned.

Apart from their appearance and overall health, it is essential for us that they are of good temperament. We got our first dog from England in 2009 from the renowned  MyStyle Ocobo kennels. Later we established a wonderful working relationship with the Mellowmood kennels and owe our gratitude to them for the enviable quality we have now. We have made contacts with kennels from all around the world. There is one thing that has brought us together – the common love & passion we share towards bulldogs.

Our dogs have been exhibited throughout the UK and their descendants keep on having the same great success.

If you find yourself on the coast of the Adriatic, feel free to come and spend some time in the company of our dogs. Best regards from a passionate bulldog lover...

Banjo & Martina


You can expect the following benefits from this addition:
-Improved palatability to enhance your pet’s eating experience
-Increased amount of fresh meat in each bag of High Prairie
-Real American beef, raised in the USA




Breed Standard

The Bulldog was first
classified as such in the 1630s though there is earlier mention of similar types referred..


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